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Carlos Mantilla
Jazz Presenter
Jazz Club
96.9 Fm
Bucaramanga, Colombia

2011-06-14 Re: Love Is Here: H Francine…Yeah! I received your CD, GREAT MUSIC! I played your music into the new releases from April on my radio show. Thanks, A Big Hug! Carlos Mantilla, Jazz Presenter,
Jazz Club 96.9FM Bucaramanga, Columbia.

Bruno Pollacc Ideator & Presentor Program:


2011-04-20 Hi Francine ! …Many compliments for your music… an embrace.
Hoping to you communicate good news to you, I am sending you a direct link to the web article about broadcasting your voice and CD “LOVE IS HERE” through my Jazz radio & web program dedicated to the new international Jazz Voices “A VOICE, A SOUL”. All the best….Bruno Pollacci “AnimaJazz” Via G.Bonamici n 8 – 56122 PISA – ITALY

Harry Boerman
Jazz Announcer/Presenter
Veluwe FM,
Radio Putten, Radio Ermelo

2011-04-23 “Francine’s LOVE IS HERE – Great CD, used in several programs already and will in the future. Good sound. Harry Boerman Veluwe FM Netherlands”.

Joost van Steen
Jazz Presenter
Alphen Stad Fm
2011-04-22 ” Francine her CD: LOVE IS HERE is an asset to every collection… Her lovely voice and nice arrangement make it a pleasure to give it airplay. Goodluck with all! ”

Peter Merrett
Retired Music Station Manager
Jazz Presenter
PBS – 106-7 FM
Melbourne, Australia

March 18, 2011 -” Greetings Francine from PBS 106-7 FM Melbourne, Australia. Thank-you ever so much for sending us your gem of a cd “Love Is Here”, a cd that certainly puts a smile on one’s face. As l said as soon as l started playing it l had a broad smile on my face, just made me feel so good and so enjoyed every track. Your vocals are strong, smokey, sexy and at times provocatively seducing. Everything about your album is suited to our Jazz shows so l have absolutely no hesitation in passing it to our show “Jazzbeat” with Tom Sedunary Thursday 11am to 1pm for air-play. Tom is very popular due to his no frills approach so that he can let the music be front and centre. We have been the cities leading Jazz station since our first broadcasts and continue to be so. l have though been on air for nearly 22 years now and have a show on Wednesday mornings, (our time, Tuesday evening your time), and have only recently retired as the music manager of the station. Once again Francine thank-you for your music and we wish you all the very best for a wonderful music filled 2011.” Regards…
Peter Merrett PBS 106-7 FM. Melbourne, Australia.

Bob Collins
Jazz Producer
WRHV Frequency 88.7 FM
Poughkeepsie, NY – New York

March 4, 2011 – “Congratulations! Francine your new CD “LOVE IS HERE” is delightful…. with a wonderful mix of original compositions and old standards and sung with great style. I commend you as well for your generous donation to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of Canada … With all good wishes and continued success.”… Bob Collins

Raymond Phillips
Station Manager
Kinglake Ranges Radio 94.5fm
Country Harvest airs Mon-Fri 12-3pm
Fridays on relay to UG FM 12-2Pm

March 9, 2011 – Greetings Francine, “Your album “Love is Here” arrived yesterday. A beautiful person with a wonderful voice. Your choice of well-known songwriters just adds to the colour musically speaking of the collection of standards and originals are a real plus on “Love is Here”. In a word “FABULOUS” And yes, I am biased toward Canadian artists after Australians, due to my very close friendships with many in Alberta.” Keeping real music ALIVE 19 years on air… Raymond Phillips

Alex Pijnen
Rotterdam, Netherlands

February 25, 2011 – ” Fantastic Album!!!. Great stuff for our Radio Station.”… Alex Pijnen

Valerie Brown
Radio Presentor
‘Sounds Like Jazz’
Coral Coast Community Radio 94.7
Queensland, Australia

March 3, 2011 – ” Dear Francine, Re: “LOVE IS HERE” Your lovely CD was received here in Australia this morning, Thursday 3rd March, just in time for our Autumn. I have played it to myself over and over – it really is lovely, Francine. Your voice is so full of feeling it sparkles, and your original tunes are truly unique. I also like the way you have used your clever musicians. I am so pleased to hear such good jazz. I shall play it on my Sunday programme ‘Sounds Like Jazz” on Coral Coast Community Radio, when I will also be able to gage my listener’s feelings for it, too. It is just the kind of music most of them enjoy while dining. My favourite is “Feelin’ Too Good Today Blues”. Many thanks for producing such a fine work of art, Francine. I shall enjoy sharing it with my listeners. Good luck with this and your future projects.”… Regards, Valerie Brown.

Rolf Polak>>
Radio RICK FM Uithoorn
Producer – Presentator
‘All That’s Jazz’
Uithoorn, Netherlands
Sunday evening 21:00-23:00 pm
Thursday night 00:00-02:00 am

25 February, 2011 – Jazz Greetings, “Dear Francine, This afternoon I received your album ‘Love Is Here’. Now the beautiful music is filling my house. In several radio-shows I will choose tracks of this album. Thank you very much and a lot of success! “… Rolf Polak
Francine Hailman
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